Endorsements for Will Terrorists Go Nuclear?

"Brian Jenkins once again brings sound judgment and scholarship to perhaps the most difficult issue we will face--the likelihood that terrorists might obtain and use a nuclear weapon. Jenkins shows us how we must confront our fears with thoughtful and diligent action. We can afford to do no less. A must read. "

         --George Tenet, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency


“The book has a fascinating climax: you are the president, a nuclear explosion has just occurred in Manhattan…   This is the one part of the book that I wish to be available to the president and his cabinet and advisors if such an event ever occurs—preferably before it occurs…  I hope a copy of Jenkins’ book will be in the office of every senior official.”

         --Thomas C. Schelling, Nobel Laureate


“If you are asked by the next president what he or she should know about terrorism generally and nuclear terrorism particularly, you should introduce the president to the master of the psychology of terrorism, Brian Jenkins, but then say, “First read this book.”

         --Gary Hart, United States Senator Co-Chair, United States Commission on National Security for the 21st Century


“Will terrorists go nuclear… is a question that haunts government policy and decisionmakers.  Jenkins is always analytical, thoughtful, and provocative…  He compels you to think… a lip-biting read that forces one to reflect on what he or she holds dear.”

         --James G. Gilmore, III, former governor and Chairman of the Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction


"Deep knowledge about terrorists combined with common sense about nuclear weapons equals a book that is sobering and educational.  Help yourself and learn!"

            --George P. Shultz, Former Secretary of State, currently Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University


"Brian Michael Jenkins is one of the world's most renowned experts on terrorism.  With an instructive, provocative book that reads like a novel, Jenkins combines cool analysis with common sense to describe the threat of nuclear terrorism.  He also shows that we must guard against nuclear terror - corrosive fear that prevents sensible action and weakens our democracy.  Jenkins makes a powerful case that we must take strong steps against both to make each less likely." 

            --Sam Nunn, United States Senator, Co-Chairman and CEO of the Nuclear Threat Initiative

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